Pilates Training

Reneé has been diligently training several students with outstanding results, sharing her long-term love of exercise with her friends, family and patients for over 40 years. Joseph Pilates was a genius in the world of physical culture.

"Finding Pilates was the best gift I could possibly give myself. The first 9 years of my practice were all privates, working diligently to correct foot and leg abnormalities. I've now been practicing for over 20 years and am in better shape now (all things considered) than in my 20's, 30's, 40's or 50's."

Reneé was always curious as to "how to fix what was wrong with my body". Being born in 1948 after the second World War, she was not afforded the benefits of current modern day medical care and attention. Her parents were kind and loving enough to seek whatever was available at the time, including orthopedic shoes, enrollment in corrective posture classes in junior high school, eye glasses, medical care for asthma, etc.

As we all know, traditional Western medicine has evolved exponentially, and now we're all exposed to phenomenal alternative medical solutions to physical challenges.

Do yourself a favor and avail yourself of Reneé's passion and dedication to her two chosen professions.

"I love helping people, both aesthetically and physically."
    ++Dr. Reneé Smith, Ph.D.


~~ If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live? © ~~