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About Solay Superfood

Solay Superfood is a small, privately owned company based out of Durango, Colorado that specializes in superfood supplement and protein powders. Solay's most recent and exciting product line includes gourmet cacao elixirs blended with adaptogenic and superfood botanicals. All of Solay's products are hand-crafted and packaged with love by its small, dedicated, and health-oriented team in Durango.

Solay Superfood's unique formulas evolved over 25 years of researching and experimenting with the best superfoods and adaptogens from the Ayurvedic, Chinese, European, as well as North and South American healing traditions. Solay Superfood is 100% committed to offering artisan quality foods that are easy to digest and make the body feel great! Ingredients are always:

  • Minimum 95% organic and 5% wild-crafted.
  • Paleo-friendly.
  • Gluten-free.
  • 100% vegan, plant-based.
  • Minimum 90% raw.
  • Non-GMO
  • NO preservatives, fillers, artificial sweeteners, flow agents, or emulsifiers.

We see the pallet of superfoods as an art form. The synergistic blending of cacao, supergreens, adaptogens, and superfruits into amazing and delicious meals and supplements is our inspiration for helping people feel good in a short period of time.Solay Superfood mixes the best quality, most nutrient-rich foods from the various dietary and healing practices throughout the world into potent, tasty, and easy-to-use superfoods. All of Solay's products are incredibly delicious, therapeutic, and ready to drink meals in 2 minutes or less.

Our Story

Inspired by a life-long passion for health and nutrition, Derek Van Atta, the creator of Solay Superfood, is continually living his commitment of promoting optimal living and vitality. Over the last 25 years, Derek has explored healing traditions from around the world. Some of these include: Naturopathic Medicine, European Traditional Herbal Medicine, the time-tested systems from India of Ayurveda, the cutting edge practices within Functional Medicine, the ancient and modern principles of Chinese medicine, and Central American shamanic practices. Currently, he continues to research and refine formulas that blend these diverse healing modalities into revitalizing foods in a balanced and flavor-bursting way. After dedicating several years to the corporate world of Silicon Valley, Derek began to transfer that corporate intensity into areas of nutrition, yoga, meditation, and exercise.The dramatic improvements in daily well-being that Derek experienced whenever he fed his body these superfoods, the more he became inspired to develop his own superfood recipes.


Solay's vision is to support your life with powerful, balanced and easy superfoods so that you can optimize your unique contribution to life on Earth.

  • We see a world full of immense possiblities.
  • We see humanity moving into more synergistic alliance with Nature.
  • We see conscious individuals who are committed to making a difference.
  • We see more and more people becoming "awake."
  • We see how food affects our lives and health every moment of every day.
  • We see that clean, alive, and "high-vibrational food" helps each of us live life fully.
  • We see us as part of a powerful movement of growing and creating awesome food!
  • We see each of us empowered to explore our unique version of Optimal Living!
  • We see people choosing to thrive, as opposed to merely surviving.
  • We see you thriving by eating yummy and nutrient-rich food.
  • We see Solay SuperFood providing delicious and nutritious "curated superfoods".
  • We see you empowered in all aspects of your life!
  • We see all of us loving ourselves and each other!

Commitments to Excellence

Solay Superfood's commitments to excellence are at the forefront of our existence in a competitive market. Firstly, we promise to continually search the planet for the best superfoods and adaptogens from small farms that promote sustainability, organic agriculture, and true wildcrafting. All products are carefully stored, handled, mixed, and stirred knowing that each and every ingredient is alive, intelligent, and sacred. Solay Superfood delivers synergistic blends of superfoods that serve your health and well-being at a fraction of the cost of other major health food companies. Here at Solay Superfood we walk our talk by consuming our own products at least 6 days a week and aspire to create a "right livelihood" for ourselves via a healthy living wage for the area we live in. Lastly, Solay Superfood remains generous with our abundance within our local community as well as global citizens of the Earth.

Product Descriptions

Meal Replacements

Solay Superfood offers 4 unique meal replacement protein powders. Solay meal replacement powders are taste good, feel good superfood! Our protein powders contain unique synergistic blends of adaptogens, greens, pure vegan protein from sprouted brown rice and hemp hearts, raw cacao, grounding roots, medicinal mushrooms and invigorating spices.

Pacha Protein

Containing nearly 12 g of protein per serving, Pacha Protein is a synergistic blend of plantbased protein, supergreens, adaptogens, and medicinal mushrooms. With subtle hints of cinnamon and vanilla, Pacha Protein is one of our most popular meal replacement powders. Pacha Protein is named after Pacha, or Earth in Peruvian, because this planet has given us truly amazing plant-based protein sources. We've created a synergistic blend of 8 essential amino acids that is highly bio-available. Pacha Protein is your go-to meal replacement and protein shake when you want something quick, easy, and nourishing.

Suggested Use: Add 3-5 tablespoons to your favorite milk or water. We find that almond or coconut milks taste the best! If you feel like being creative, try adding Pacha Protein to your favorite smoothie recipe or adding a banana for extra carbs. For healthy fats, try adding chia seeds, coconut or hemp oils. The possibilities are endless with this great tasting protein powder.

Cacao Plus!

Infused with the top supergreens, adaptogenic roots and herbs, raw cacao and plant-based protein, Cacao Plus! offers a variety of health benefits for everyone that range from mood enhancement to optimal athletic performance. It's easy to digest formula promises to provide both amazing health benefits and increased energy for an active lifestyle. Containing moodenhancing and antioxidant rich raw cacao, 13 alkalazing supergreens, and several adaptogenic herbs that aid in recovery, Cacao Plus! is a unique drink powder that not only tastes great but makes you feel great!

Suggested Use: Simply add 1-4 tablespoons to your favorite milk, water, or smoothie. Since there is already an ideal amount of bioavailable protein, adding milk is preferred for taste but not necessary. For an active or busy lifestyle, we suggest adding an extra tablespoon to maintain focus and energy. For some, the combination of raw cacao, polysaccharides of goji berry, and the amino acid profile of some of the sea vegetables might feel slightly more stimulating than you are used to with a typical protein drink.

Mayan Chocolate

Mayan Chocolate is a unique blend of our traditional tasting Cacao Plus! drink powder with the extra zing of red chilis and cinnamon. Whether it's for a delicious breakfast or you want to enhance all of your high energy activities, Mayan Chocolate is an amazing ally. Reminiscent of a "mexican hot chocolate," Mayan Chocolate is a delicious blend of raw cacao, supergreens, adaptogens, and plant-based protein. With rich flavors of both chocolate and spices, Mayan Chocolate is favorite at Solay Superfood. We find that it tastes great either blended with milk cold or served slightly warm as a healthy alternative to hot chocolate.

Sacred Strength

Sacred Strength is a powerful and synergistic blended protein powder that is lovingly blended with potent roots, plant-based protein, medicinal mushrooms, and hints of ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Containing 11 g of protein per serving (2 tablespoons), Sacred Strength is specially formulated to provide unparalleled support to both the endocrine and immune systems. It's powerful blend of superroots, adaptogenic herbs and botanicals, and easy to digest protein help the body adjust to bodily, emotional, and environmental stresses. Powerful roots from plants such as Maca, Ashwaganda, Dandelion, Beet, American Ginseng, and Rhodiola support whole-body vitality and the adrenal system. We've also sourced the sacred and very rare super herb (actually a resin) known as "Shilajit" from a remote spot in the Himalaya. According to ancient texts, Shilajit is known as the "remover of weakness" and has been used for centuries in the ultra high elevations of the Himalaya by yogis, sherpas, and climbers to enhance energy and stamina in an extreme environment. Shilajit is an amazing ally in supporting the nervous system by increasing mental clarity, balancing the emotions, adjusting blood sugar levels, increasing absorption and efficiency of nutrients, and assisting the body in its natural detox processes. With its great taste, Sacred Strength is a powerful protein powder that promises to energize and balance.

Suggested Use: Blend 2-4 tablespoons in with your favorite milk, water, or smoothie. Sacred Strength can be taken as a meal replacement or as an afternoon "pick me up." Use less or more powder depending on your activity level and required level focus or mental clarity. Sacred Strength can also be taken as a recovery supplement after injury, intense exercise, surgery, or a long day at work.


Solay Superfood supplements contain an array of balanced raw, whole-food vitamins and minerals. We source all of our superfood ingredients from organic farms or wildcrafters around the globe. Balanced in both micro and macronutrients, these supplements can support hormone balance, boost the immune system, and help cleanse the body.

Gaia Greens

Gaia Greens is unique amongst green powders due to its blend of both supergreens and adaptogens. Detoxing, alkalizing, immune boosting, and energizing, Gaia Greens is a foundational supplement for your health and well-being. Gaia Greens is a synergistic blend of mineral and protein rich sea vegetables and freshwater algaes, alkalizing barley grass juice powder, immune boosting medicinal mushrooms, and powerful stress-relieving adaptogens. We include Gaia Greens in Cacao Plus!, Pacha Protein, Mayan Chocolate, and Vitality Elixir.

Suggested Use: Mix 2-4 tsp in 12-20 oz of water, juice, or smoothie.


This cutting edge, proprietary superfood blend of roots and medicinal mushrooms was designed for those with an active or stressful lifestyle. Exotic sources of phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, Rejuve-Roots is a potent ally in obtaining optimal health. Inspired by Ayurvedic, Chinese, and South American healing traditions, Rejuve-Roots contains powerful adaptogens that are designed to support the body's natural ability to handles stress that include Turmeric, Tribulus, Ashwaganda, Reishi Mushroom, Maca Root, and American Ginseng. Rejuve-Roots is included in Sacred Strength, Strength Elixir, and Power Elixir.

Suggested Use: Due to the potency and medicinal quality of Rejuve-Roots, we suggest starting out with 1-2 tsp and working up to 1 tbsp or more. Mix with water, juice, or smoothie.

SuperFruit C

SuperFruit C contains a synergistic collection of some of the most potent and bio-available sources of Vitamin C on the planet. Containing over 300% of the RDA for Vitamin C, SuperFruit C promises to boost your immune and nervous systems. Exotic and common fruits such as Acerola Cherry, Rosehips, Camu Camu, and Amla Berry are excellent plant-based sources of high potency vitamins and minerals, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Suggested Use: Mix 2-4 tsp in water, juice, or smoothie. Increase dosage for immune protection.

Cacao Elixirs

Solay Superfood Cacao Elixirs are a truly unique organic raw superfood snack. A blend of raw cacao, superfoods, and coconut oil, Solay elixirs are reminiscent of "chyawanprash," an ancient and modern Ayurvedic spoonable tonic known to provide immunity and essential nutrients. Solay elixirs are low glycemic renditions of this ancient healing tonic with a new world texture and flavor. They are designed to taste good as well as provide the body with macro and micronutrients, adaptogens, antioxidants, and bioavailable vitamins and minerals derived from whole food ingredients.

Suggested Use: Cacao Elixirs are designed to be eaten by the spoonful or may be added to smoothies or spread on crackers and fruit. Recommended dosage is 2-5 tsp per serving. Elixirs are great as a post-meal dessert, mid-day snack, or morning pick-me-up. Some fans claim that our elixirs help them avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks.

Alive Elixir

Our most popular Cacao Elixir, Alive Elixir is a delicious blend of raw Ecuadorian cacao, coconut oil, and our SuperFruit C. This proprietary formula contains essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants with the added benefit of mood enhancing cacao. Containing Vitamin C rich superfruits, Alive Elixir is immune boosting and nutrient dense.

Power Elixir

Power Elixir is a powerful superfood that combines the delicious taste of coffee with adaptogenic roots and raw Ecuadorian cacao into a smooth chocolate spoonable tonic. A synergistic blend of ancient healing botanicals such as maca root, American ginseng, dandelion root, shilajit, and reishi mushroom offer endocrine support, rejuvenation, immune protection, and stress-relieving benefits.

Strength Elixir

Strength Elixir is the same formula as Power Elixir without the coffee. A true medicinal tonic, Strength Elixir is a grounding, nourishing, and balanced blend of adaptogens and raw cacao. With a hint of ginger and cinnamon, Strength Elixir is not only delicious but contains a range of health benefits such as increased immunity, hormone balance, stress-relief, enhanced recovery, and strengthened endocrine system.

Vitality Elixir

Vitality Elixir offers maximum nutrition and smooth energy in a delicious blend of 13 supergreens, 7 adaptogens, and antioxidant rich raw Ecuadorian cacao. With a subtle zest of orange, Vitality Elixir is a unique and potent superfood tonic that provides the body with quick and easy nutrient content in a delicious fashion. Vitality Elixir is alkalizing, energizing, stressrelieving, and immune boosting.


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